Pool Upgrade

At the Don Fernando de Taos our team takes great pride in ensuring that our hotel offers the best experience to all of our guests. One specific member of our team, Chris Weathers our Chief Engineer, was doing some routine maintenance on our pool recently. Chris was tasked with adding new striping to our pool ladders during his routine safety maintenance. To do this Chris needed to empty some water out of the pool. He did not know that he would be emptying out a good portion of the water. So Chris thought, “since the pool will be out of service anyway, why not take all of the water out and repaint”.  Once the pool was emptied, it was clear that it was a good idea to repaint. The pool was repainted a beautiful blue as you would expect in any nice pool.  Great idea and great job Chris! Take a look at the progress and check back soon as we will be showcasing our new pool upgrade. Or maybe you could come down and see it for yourself. 🙂













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